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Product Name: Potions series 005
Product No.: XHYS005
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About Chemistry Glass

Chemistry Glass can be as divided into frosting, ice, polishing and other processes.

Frosted Glass is make use of special frosting powder to surface of glass corrosion, resulting in blurred vision.

Ice Sculpture Glass is make use of engraving graphics, finally through the chemical reaction to produce various stereoscopic exquisite patterns, carving.

Polishing glass is make use of the prepared chemical medicine let glass surface clean and smooth.


Frosted glass is exist in everywhere in the decoration of the room. Such as: background wall, ceiling, tables, screens, porch, partition, ground, stairs, doors and windows, coffee table .etc. It is widely used in family, hotel, bar, KTV, coffee and other large outdoor landscape decoration.

Ice Sculpture Glass is most used in doors and windows, anti-skidding flooring, screen, partition, stair, such as indoor and outdoor decorative landscaping.

Polishing glass is widely used in electronic products, background wall, ceiling, partition, screen, porch, windows and doors, etc., indoor and outdoor decoration.

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