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Product line: Auto glass
Product Name: Armored vehicles bulletproof composite glass series
Product No.: XHQC-002-001
Specifications: A variety of specifications (models production actual size)
Product Description: By many different thickness of the transparent plate glass and multichip PVB film scientifically. Due to glass and PVB film adhesion is very strong, almost as a whole, and because glass has the high hardness and PVB film has good toughness, therefore, when the bullet come into contact with the glass, their impact energy can be reduced to very low or even zero, so can't penetrate.
Can be used as a military defense, cash escort valuables such as glass, gold and silver bracelet display cabinets and other specific workplace.
My company with several large domestic car manufacturers have many years experience of cooperation, at the present stage are also actively developing a variety of composite materials, special glass, welcome calls for enquiry.
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